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A New Approach to the Automated Identification of Metabolites in Multi-Vendor Datasets
A New Approach to the Automated Identification of Metabolites in Multi-Vendor Datasets
Submitted on 25 Apr 2016

Richard Lee,1 Vitaly Lashin,2 Andrey Paramonov,2 Alexandr Sakharov2
1 Advanced Chemistry Development, Inc. (ACD/Labs), 8 King Street East, Toronto, ON, Canada M5C 1B5 2 Advanced Chemistry Development, Ltd. (ACD Ltd.), ul. AkademikaBakuleva6, str.1, Moscow, Russia
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Poster Abstract
For scientists involved in the study of drug metabolism the challenge of accurately and rapidly identifying metabolites is met using a variety of LC/MS techniques and software packages. While most instruments vendors offer software to assist in the identification of metabolites, they are a hindrance in a multi-vendor laboratory, where they lack the flexibility and customization required. Most users have to then resort to purchasing additional software and typically use Microsoft Excel to complete their workflow.

1. ACD/Percepta 2015 Release, ACD/Labs, Inc.
2. Dapkunas J, Sazonovas A, Japertas P. (2009) Chem Biodivers., 6 (11):2101-6
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