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Use of transabdominal color doppler ultrasound for detection of colon cancer in patients with nonspecific abdominal symptoms:a personal experience  and meta analysis of the literature
Use of transabdominal color doppler ultrasound for detection of colon cancer in patients with nonspecific abdominal symptoms:a personal experience and meta analysis of the literature
Submitted on 02 Oct 2014

Nives Tarle Bajić, Iva Bajić
Croatian Society for Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology
This poster was presented at BIR Annual congress
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Poster Abstract
Methods.The objective of this study was to demonstrate the place of TCDU (transabdominal color Doppler ultrasound) in the diagnosis of colon cancer and confirmation of colon cancer through colonoscopy. In this retrospective study, we presented 331 examined patients who underwent TCDU in 2009–2011.We examined 180 women and 151 men aged 40–86 years (mean±standard deviation [SD], (63±23) with nonspecific symptoms (distension and abdominal pain, abnormal stools, bowel disorders, iron deficiency anemia, and weakness).
Results.In 20.5% (68/331) of patients, focal lesions were detected in the colon through TCDU screening, while in 82.3% of these (56/68) or 16.9% (56/331) overall, bowel cancer was confirmed with colonoscopy. In this research, TCDU presented a sensitivity of 94.9%, specificity of 95.59%, a PPV of 82.35%, and an NPV of 98.86%. We presented a meta-analysis in which we have compared three independent studies, specifically Martinez et al. (2005), Chen et al. (2006), and our study. The results suggested significantly higher incidence of the colorectal cancer could be successfully found through ultrasound examination (Mantel-Haenszel, Robins-Breslow-Greenland) pooled odds ratio (OR)=204.9 (95% CI=106.4 to 394.5), Chi² (testing whether OR differs from 1)=717.4; p<0,001. From these results, we infer with 95% confidence, assuming a random effects model, that the true size of the difference between the OR for colon cancer was somewhere between 106.4 and 394.5.This was statistically significant at p <0.001.
Conclusion. The overall conclusion of this study is that in patients who have nonspecific symptoms in abdomen, TCDU should be the first choice to examine the abdomen.

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