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3rd Microbiome Movement - Human Nutrition Summit

Revere Hotel Boston Common, 200 Stuart Street, Boston, 02116, United States

11 November 2019 - 13 November 2019

Harnessing Microbiome RandD To Develop Precise Nutritional Solutions That Promote Long-Term Human Health.

Recent scientific and clinical advances over the past decade have identified the trillions of microbial cells that reside in the gut, collectively known as the gut microbiome, as a key regulator of human health and disease. This rapid rise in interest for the gut microbiome has permeated beyond the scientific community, exemplified by the rapid growth of the pro- and prebiotic market, now estimated to be a multibillion-dollar industry.

However, despite the rise in new products and services that claim to target the microbiome and improve health across adult and infant populations, there are fundamental questions surrounding the functional, clinical and practical applicability of microbiome-directed research that currently remains unresolved.

Celebrating our third year, the Microbiome Movement – Human Nutrition Summit returns to carefully combine cutting-edge basic and clinical science with product developers from the global food, supplement and nutraceutical industry to help answer these questions and accelerate the potential for microbiome-targeted solutions in nutrition. Hear from 33 KOLs at the forefront of microbiome research including Procter and Gamble, Seed Inc, Nestle, Danone, Next Foods, Ocean Spray, Olipop, Viome and more. Download the event brochure for more information.

Group discounts, start-up and early booking rates are available. Please visit the website for full pricing information.

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