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Timisoara - Romania

13 September 2018 - 15 September 2018

BALKAN FUNGUS is the biannual joint meeting of the Romanian Society of Medical Mycology and Mycotoxicology (RSMMM), Croatian Microbiological Society – Mycology Section (CMS), Hellenic Society of Medical Mycology (HSMM), Serbian Society of Medical Mycology (SSMM), and Turkish Society of Medical Mycology (TSMM). In 2018, the first event is organised under the title of BAKAN FUNGUS 2018 (First Balkan Conference of Medical Mycology and Mycotoxicology) in Timisoara - Romania.

The aim of this regional meeting is to improve the medical mycology knowledge in specialists from all twelve Balkan countries and to make their activity in the field more dynamic and visible. The meeting also represents a great opportunity to identify and solve major gaps in diagnostic and therapy, to exchange ideas with researchers and clinicians from other European countries, to develop common networks and research. The programme will include sessions on clinical mycology, environmental mycology, toxigenic fungi and mycotoxins, veterinary mycology, antifungal therapy, translational research and drug design. All participants will have the opportunity to interact with outstanding invited speakers during the special meet-the-expert sessions.

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