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Sepsis Unplugged 2019

Aintree Racecourse, Ormskirk Road, Merseyside, L9 5AS, United Kingdom

07 October 2019 - 08 October 2019

A conference done a little differently! Sepsis Unplugged brings brings together all healthcare professionals and patient groups as equals, and asks the questions that will shape better sepsis care.

Sepsis Unplugged is our annual iconic medical conference and this will be the fourth conference run by the UKST. As the name suggests this is a medical conference done differently and this year we are looking to provide something really unique.

Sepsis Unplugged will be a fantastic opportunity for healthcare practitioners to collaborate, challenge, listen and evaluate to create solutions to the ‘problem’ of multiple, sometimes conflicting, approaches to recognising and managing sepsis in the prehospital, community, primary care and acute hospital setting.

Conferences like this are crucial - we must act decisively to save the thousands of lives sepsis claims every year – more than breast, bowel, prostate cancer and HIV/AIDS combined. At Sepsis Unplugged, a range of practical workshops, discussion panels and interactive sessions lead the way for a truly novel, inspiring experience.

Who should attend?
If you work in a healthcare related role, attending this conference could be of great benefit to you. This includes anyone working in a nursing, medical or allied healthcare professional role.

Abstract Submission
We welcome abstract submissions with ideas on how to prevent sepsis which can be used in the future as case studies and leading light projects to inspire other healthcare professionals around the UK and beyond. Refer to the above menu for further details.

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