Frequently Asked Questions


What file types do you accept for posters?

ePosters only accepts posters in the PDF format. If you have a poster in a different format there are many free converters that you can use.
One example of this is PrimoPDF. In addition newer versions of Microsoft Office usually include a 'Save to PDF' option.

What is ePosters’ open access policy?

ePosters applies the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike (CC BY-NC-SA) license to posters published on the site.
This license lets others remix, tweak, and build upon your work non-commercially, as long as they credit you and license their new creations under the identical terms.

What if my poster contains pre-published work?

If you intend to submit work contained in your poster to a journal, we advise you to contact the publisher to check their policy on prepublication.

What peer review process does ePosters employ?

Please note that posters on this site have been presented at national and international meetings, but have otherwise not been peer reviewed. The work contained in the posters may be preliminary in nature.

How can I contact a poster's author?

If the author is willing to be contacted, an 'Ask a Question' button will appear at the bottom of the poster details page.
Authors will often include contact details on the poster itself.

I found inappropriate or offensive material on this site

Please use the 'Report abuse' button which can be found under the poster abstract. We will remove all inappropriate content as soon as possible.

Why has my poster been removed?

If you set an expiry date when uploading your poster it will no longer appear after that date.
If you accidently clicked the 'Remove Poster' button please contact us.
Otherwise, posters will only be removed if they contain inappropriate or offensive material.

How do I include my event on your site?

Please login/register, then use the 'Submit Event' button on the Events Diary page.
Or to find out more about the tools and services which ePosters can provide to conference partners and sponsors please contact us via the sponsors page.

I received an email from ePosters, how do I change my email preferences?

Please login to the site and use the 'Account' link to update your interests, subscriptions and personal details.
Or if you do not wish to hear from us again, simply click the unsubscribe link from the bottom of the email.

I don't know my password

Please enter your email address via our password reset link. You will receive an email with instructions to reset your password.

I can't register. The page says "Email already used".

You already have an account with us (possibly via a partner site). Please enter your email address via our password reset link. You will receive an email with instructions to reset your password. You can then login to your existing account.

How do I edit or remove my poster?

Please login and use the 'My Posters' section of your account. Click the 'edit poster' button for the poster you wish to change/delete.
After making changes don't forget to click the 'Update' button to save your changes.
To permanently remove your poster, click the 'Remove Poster' button.

How can I insert symbols in my poster submissions?

To insert symbols into your poster submission you will need to use one of our tags. Doing so will ensure that your poster is displayed correctly on the ePosters website. For example: If you wanted to use the Greek letter β you would simply use the tag [gb/] in place of the β symbol. If you wanted to use superscript you would use the tags [sup] and [/sup]. Eg. [sup]2[/sup] would become 2 The full list of tags are shown below:

Tag Conversion
[ga/] α
[gb/] β
[gc/] χ
[gd/] δ
[ge/] ε
[gf/] φ
[gg/] γ
[gh/] η
[gi/] ι
[gj/] ϕ
[gk/] κ
[gl/] λ
[gm/] μ
[gn/] ν
[go/] ο
[gp/] π
[gq/] θ
[gr/] ρ
[gs/] σ
[gt/] τ
[gu/] υ
[gv/] ϖ
[gw/] ω
[gx/] ξ
[gy/] ψ
[gz/] ζ
[b]example[/b] example
[sub]example[/sub] example
[reg/] ®
Tag Conversion
[gA/] Α
[gB/] Β
[gC/] Χ
[gD/] Δ
[gE/] Ε
[gF/] Φ
[gG/] Γ
[gH/] Η
[gI/] Ι
[gJ/] ϑ
[gK/] Κ
[gL/] Λ
[gM/] Μ
[gN/] Ν
[gO/] Ο
[gP/] Π
[gQ/] Θ
[gR/] Ρ
[gS/] Σ
[gT/] Τ
[gU/] Υ
[gV/] ς
[gW/] Ω
[gX/] Ξ
[gY/] Ψ
[gZ/] Ζ
[i]example[/i] example
[sup]example[/sup] example
[copy/] ©