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127: Recurrent Form of Oral Candidiasis in Liver Transplant Recipient
Poster Title: 127: Recurrent Form of Oral Candidiasis in Liver Transplant Recipient
Submitted on 15 Apr 2021
Author(s): Marketa Janovska, Stepan Podzimek
Affiliations: Institute of Dental Medicine, General University Hospital in Prague and First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic
This poster was presented at 2021 American Academy of Oral Medicine Virtual Conference
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Poster Information
Abstract: Case summary

A 75-year-old Caucasian female was presented to the Department of Oral Medicine for evaluation of lower lip swelling. She underwent liver transplantation for primary billiary cirrhosis 4 years prior to our initial examination. She complained of a burning sensation in the lower lip together with xerostomia. Intraorally, the first examination revealed erythema of the lower lip with erythematous buccal mucosa surfaces and chronic periodontitis. Significant amounts of biofilm were detected all over the compromised prosthetic metaloceramic bridges in the upper and lower jaws with crown overhangs. Cultivation from the oral cavity swab showed submassive Candida spp. colonization. Patient disagreed with new prosthetic rehabilitation, so we eliminated sharp edges of the crowns, re-educated patient about dental hygiene, and prescribed her nystatin suspension for two weeks.

Patient on tacrolimus and mycofenolat mofetil therapy since transplant achieved significant clinical and mycological recovery after two weeks of topical treatment.


In this case, we report oral candidiasis in the liver transplant recipient with non-adequate prosthetic rehabilitation. Clinicians should be familiar with systemic and local risk factors of recurrent oral candidiasis in organ transplant recipients. One of the contributing factors to oral candidiasis may be malhygiene and non-treated chronic periodontitis where biofilm accumulation may figurate as a supporting factor for Candida spp. colonization.

Adequate dental hygiene together with local treatment of the oral candidiasis may eliminate the need of systemic antimycotic treatment that could interfere with immunosuppressants.
Summary: Background

Patients receiving organ transplantation are prone to many orofacial complications. In addition, inflammatory disorders of the oral cavity may have an influence on the general health of transplant recipients. Chronic periodontitis and oral candidiasis may increase the risk of systemic complications. Systemic antimycotic treatment may interfere with immunosuppressive treatment and may have a significantly decreased effect.
References: Acknowledgement: This study was supported by projects nr. NV19-08-00070 and 17-30753A (Ministry of Health, Czech Republic) and by project PROGRES Q29/1LF (First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University, Czech Republic).Report abuse »
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