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3 Unusual Lung Cases: The Challenge of Setting up a Modern SABR Service
Poster Title: 3 Unusual Lung Cases: The Challenge of Setting up a Modern SABR Service
Submitted on 25 Sep 2015
Author(s): J. E. Marsden, R. Kpaul, Dr. N. El-Mahdawi, Dr. A. Wieczorek, N. Tambe
Affiliations: Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust
This poster was presented at Stereotactic Ablative Radiotherapy 2015
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Poster Information
Abstract: The SABR Lung Service in Hull celebrated its first birthday in 2015 with over 35 patients being successfully treated.
This presentation will provide an overview of the practical aspects of implementing a SABR service, by way of focussing on three unique case studies which provided us with challenges in our first year.
Capitalising on the best techniques available, our service offers SABR with RapidArc, CBCT imaging for each fraction of treatment, RPM gated delivery based on the 4DCT scan, and high quality treatment planning (Eclipse’s Acuros XB Algorithm) with local PET-CT data taken in the radiotherapy position.
The first case study will focus on the treatment of two lesions within the same lung lobe. The challenge of obtaining a good treatment plan, performing patient specific QA, and a discussion on the organ at risk tolerances, particularly the chest wall will be covered.
The second case study demonstrates the issues with motion management in patients where there is doubt that external movement replicates the internal tumour motion. This may be due to the 4DCT scan becoming compromised. We will demonstrate an alternative to CBCT verification with the use of dose optimised, real time, fluoroscopic image guided SABR treatment.
For the last study we present the interesting case of a second SABR treatment within the same lung lobe, on a new primary lesion identified at PET-CT, close to the original treatment field. Is it possible to treat twice with SABR, and still meet the strict organ at risk constraints?
Summary: Three Unusual Lung Cases presented to demonstrate the Hull and East Yorkshire NHS Trust's Stereotactic Ablative Radiotherapy Service for Lung Cancer.References: See posterReport abuse »
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