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Droplet Microfluidics for 3D Epithelial Cell Culture
Poster Title: Droplet Microfluidics for 3D Epithelial Cell Culture
Submitted on 25 Mar 2014
Author(s): Monika Dolega (Pyzalska), Xavier Gidrol, Nathalie Picollet-D’hahan
Affiliations: CEA Grenoble – DSV/iRTSV/BGE/ BIOMICS, INSERM U1038 – UJF, Grenoble-France
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Abstract: We have developed a microfluidic system which delivers highly-controlled conditions for the seeding and growth of polarized cellular spheres, or acini, within matrigel beads. We use high-throughput flow handling to change culture conditions and to move acini through flow-analysis devices on an acini-by-acini basis. Using these optimized parameters we can now design RNAi screens that will identify genes important for the regulation of acini formation in a 3D environment.Summary: The challenge facing 3D cell culture today is to adapt current models to a systems biology approach - in particular, to enable RNA interference-based screens to study the effects of the microenvironment on cellular function.References: Report abuse »
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