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Novel MALDI-TOF MS Workflow for Ultrahigh-Throughput Screening of Different Analytes at Each Position on a Plate
Poster Title: Novel MALDI-TOF MS Workflow for Ultrahigh-Throughput Screening of Different Analytes at Each Position on a Plate
Submitted on 31 Mar 2020
Author(s): Sergei Dikler
Affiliations: Bruker Scientific, LLC, Billerica, MA
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Abstract: MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry was established as a label-free ultrahigh-throughput screening approach for biochemical assays where substrates and products were small molecules, peptides and proteins. In this case the same list of analytes was monitored at every position on a MALDI plate. More recently, we extended this approach to screening of synthetic chemical reactions, which required monitoring different small molecule starting materials and products at every position on a MALDI plate (Figure 1). This necessitated the development of a novel software workflow and optimization of data processing methods for a dramatically increased number of analytes. This work focuses on application of the new Synthesis Screening workflow not only to screening of chemical reactions but also to screening of a custom library of small molecule pharmaceuticals.Summary: The Synthesis Screening module in the MALDI PharmaPulse software was used to screen a custom library of 41 small molecule pharmaceuticals.

The automated runs using a MALDI plate in 384 format had less than one failed plate position Results per run on average.
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