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A guide to what
Poster Title: A guide to what's Watt
Submitted on 28 Jul 2018
Author(s): Elise Som
Affiliations: Harvard University
This poster was presented at Harvard Writing in the Sciences course
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Poster Information
Abstract: Knowing the relative energy cost of household items will help families plan energy budgets and prioritize certain items over others. The poster also provides various suggestions for reducing the household carbon footprint, from recycling trash to switching
to eco-friendly lightbulbs, as well as providing information about government subsidies for renewable energy installations. Furthermore, the reference document offers as example an indication of the number of threes necessary to offset the carbon emission. As families acquaint themselves with the information in this poster, they will better appreciate the energy demands of the home and be supported to make changes
toward an eco-friendly future.
Summary: This eye-catching poster is designed for households interested in moving toward a more sustainable lifestyle. It provides values for the average annual energy consumption of common household appliances, using data from a 2010 survey of UK homes (Owen, 2012). References: We thank the following sources for their data, and attach links for readers interested in learning more:
The Committee on Climate Change (2015) The Firth Carbon Budget: The next step towards a low-carbon
economy. Presented to the Secretary of State pursuant to section 34 of the Climate Change Act. Retrieved
Efficiency of solar panels in the UK data retrieved from:
Owen, P. (2012) Powering the Nation: Household electricity-using habits revealed. Energy Saving Trust,
London. Retrieved from:
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