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A luminescent solar concentrator-based photomicroreactor for energy efficient continuous-flow photocatalysis
Poster Title: A luminescent solar concentrator-based photomicroreactor for energy efficient continuous-flow photocatalysis
Submitted on 10 Feb 2017
Author(s): D. Cambié, F. Zhao, M. Debije, V. Hessel and T. Noël
Affiliations: Eindhoven University of Technology
This poster was presented at Flow Conference Europe 2017
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Poster Information
Abstract: The LSC-PM concept is introduced and its performances are characterized using a light-limited reaction as a probe to measure the increased photon flux to the reaction channels.
Firstly, by using blue LED light as light source, the wavelength conversion capabilities of the device are demonstrated with a 10-time increase in photon flux to the reaction mixture.
Secondly, the light transport within the waveguide is proved by a 6-fold increase in the reaction apparent kinetic in the LSC-PM compared to the non-doped analog.
Then, in solar simulated conditions, the LSC-PM with 200ppm dye-doping showed a 4-fold increased photon flux with respect to the non-doped control reactor.
Finally, a significant different between LSC-PM and a transparent reactor is observed also in an outdoor experiment with natural sunlight irradiation.
Summary: The Luminescent Solar Concentrator-Photomicroreactor (LSC-PM) is an innovative device for solar-powered continuous-flow photochemistry. It is constituted by an LSC lightguide that harvests solar photons and delivers them downshifted to the embedded microflow reactor.References: D. Cambié, C. Bottecchia, N.J.W. Straathof, V. Hessel and T. Noël, Chem. Rev., 2016, 116, 10276-10341
D. Cambié, F. Zhao, V. Hessel and T. Noël, Angew. Chem., Int. Ed., 2017, 56, 1050-1054
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