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A Novel Assay for Cardiolipin Quantification in Isolated Mitochondria and Cell Lysates
Poster Title: A Novel Assay for Cardiolipin Quantification in Isolated Mitochondria and Cell Lysates
Submitted on 15 Feb 2018
Author(s): Vasundhra Bahl
Affiliations: BioVision
This poster was presented at Experimental Biology 2017
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Poster Information
Abstract: Cardiolipin is a phospholipid present in the inner mitochondrial membrane.
It is a uniquely structured dimeric phospholipid consisting of two
phosphatidic acid molecules connected through a central glycerol moiety.
Cardiolipin plays an essential role in regulating mitochondrial respiration
and is involved in processes such as mitochondrial biogenesis, fission,
fusion, protein transport and apoptosis. Perturbation of cardiolipin levels
may contribute to cardiovascular disease, chronic fatigue syndrome and
various neurodegenerative disorders. Exposure to environmental pollutants
such as cigarette smoke and organophosphate pesticides can alter
cardiolipin levels and composition, adversely affecting health. Congenital
deficiency in cardiolipin synthesis (Barth’s syndrome) leads to
cardiomyopathy, underdeveloped muscles and growth delay. Since
cardiolipin is crucial to mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation there is
increasing interest in assays for determining levels of cardiolipin in
biological samples.
Until now, cardiolipin has been detected using mass spectrometry, which
requires sophisticated, expensive instrumentation and expertise in the
technique. BioVision’s Cardiolipin Quantification Assay is a simple, straightforward
and versatile plate-based assay that uses a proprietary
fluorometric probe. Our assay is highly specific for cardiolipin, without
cross-reactivity with other lipids such as phosphatidylcholine,
phosphatidylserine and sphingomyelin. The assay can detect as low as 0.2
nmol of cardiolipin in isolated mitochondria as well as in cell lysates.
Summary: BioVision’s Cardiolipin Quantification Kit is a high-throughput and
versatile assay for quantification of cardiolipin in biological samples
including isolated mitochondria and cell lysates.
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