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A Novel Interdisciplinary Approach to Collaborative Radiology and Surgical Teaching
Poster Title: A Novel Interdisciplinary Approach to Collaborative Radiology and Surgical Teaching
Submitted on 26 Sep 2019
Author(s): Yiwang Xu, Anum Pervez, Vasileios Gkiousias, Nick Woodward and Isobel Beal
Affiliations: Royal Free Hospital, London
This poster was presented at BIR Annual Congress 2019
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Poster Information
Abstract: Background
The 2016 RCR Speciality Training Curriculum for Clinical Radiology highlights that a multidisciplinary approach is necessary for high quality patient care and to provide learning opportunity for trainees. The collaborative attitude, knowledge and skills in interdisciplinary settings, have been largely overlooked by the UK undergraduate and foundation curricula. With this in mind, we devised a novel teaching model focusing on the multidisciplinary approach.

An educational seminar series was designed and delivered within a London Teaching Hospital to Junior Doctors and Medical Students. The interactive sessions were a joint collaboration between Radiology and Surgical Clinicians, covering the major surgical subspecialties. In addition to knowledge and skills, the series also focused on promoting a positive and synergic attitude towards interdisciplinary patient care through demonstration and open discussion. Moreover, career insights and application resources were provided to attendees wishing to enter respective specialties.

A total of four sessions attracted a variety of health care professionals, including 33 doctors, 28 medical students and 3 nurses. 55 of 64 (86%) attendees returned post-session questionnaires. 54 of 55 (98%) considered the interdisciplinary approach of teaching valuable and had brought home new knowledge and insights in radiology and surgery. All but one (98%) participant found the sessions well organised and would recommend to friends. Many have also informed us that they subsequently gained training posts in desired specialties.

This interdisciplinary educational series presents an innovative, effective and engaging approach to deliver the knowledge, skills and attitude required for collaborations between prospective radiologists and surgeons.
Summary: Scalpel and Beam is a novel interdisciplinary approach to collaborative radiology and surgical teaching, which received very positive feedback from medical students and junior doctors on its course contents and method of delivery
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