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A Novel Solution to the Analysis of Highly Complex Environmental Samples
Poster Title: A Novel Solution to the Analysis of Highly Complex Environmental Samples
Submitted on 18 Oct 2017
Author(s): Scott Pugh, Viatcheslav Artaev
Affiliations: LECO Corporation
This poster was presented at NACRW
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Abstract: Gas chromatography coupled with time-of-flight mass spectrometry provides some of the best analytical tools for both targeted and non-targeted methods of environmental analysis with increased selectivity, sensitivity, reliability, and information capacity. The GC-MS identification of known compounds of interest and the structural elucidation of unknown compounds becomes considerably more reliable if accompanied by accurate mass measurements generated by High Resolution Mass Spectrometry (HRMS). When analyzing real-life samples in a complex matrix, a large number of analytes of interest with a wide range of concentrations are likely present. Consequently, a significant increase in chromatographic peak capacity is required which can be realized by the use of comprehensive GCxGC. An ultra-high resolution time-of-flight mass spectrometer with enhanced sensitivity from LECO® was used to analyze various residue and environmental samples. Select examples of pesticide residue matrix spiked samples, as well as some arctic ice samples, were analyzed to show a variety of complex environmental sample types. Examples will be shown of how the use of this instrument provides highly reliable data suitable for automatic, accurate spectral deconvolution of coeluting analytes present in samples with a wide concentration range. The addition of the GCxGC technique increases the separation power by allowing chromatographic separation of closely eluting constituents, thus making analyte identification more reliable and the comprehensive analysis of environmental samples more realistic.Summary: Encoded Frequent Pushing has demonstrated the ability to increase the sensitivity of a High Resolution Multi-Reflecting TOFMS without compromising other aspects of its performance. This new approach has the potential to bring the benefits of a HR-TOFMS coupled with GC or GCxGC to applications that need extra sensitivity along with sub-ppm mass accuracies and a full mass range resolving power greater than 25,000 for better confidence in peak identification.References: 1ASMS 2015 Proceedings, TOA am, P. Willis et al. “High Resolution Multi-Reflecting TOFMS with
Multiplexing by Encoded Frequent Pulsing for increasing the duty cycle 10-100 times”

2Technical Brief: Encoded Frequent Pushing 209-066-018 at
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