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A pico-liter semi-automated screening method for morphological identification of microorganisms from environmental samples
Poster Title: A pico-liter semi-automated screening method for morphological identification of microorganisms from environmental samples
Submitted on 23 Jan 2015
Author(s): Ms. Charmi Chande, Dr. Ravindra Phadke
Affiliations: Department of Microbiology, Ramnarain Ruia College, Mumbai,India
This poster was presented at Microfluidics and Lab-on-a-Chip India, 22-23 January 2015
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Abstract: Researchers have been developing numerous advance microfabrication technologies for studying eukaryotic cells on chip. Developing similar protocol for prokaryotic organisms is difficult due to various reasons like small feature size, similar physical and chemical properties, high environmental diversity, etc. By using classical microbiology experiment it is difficult to analyze organism at single cell level. There is a need to develop a prototype for analyzing environmental samples like soil, marine water which contains diverse group of microorganisms. Here we present a picoliter volume semi automated screening method by using lab on chip (LOC) platform. Microchannels were fabricated by locally developed economical photolithography method. The morphological identification of microorganisms was done by open source software. The current chip can be adapted for various microbiological screening experiments like biochemical based microbial identification, studying uncultivable microorganisms at single cell /community level.
Summary: An economically feasible microfabrication protocol was developed for fabricating micro features used for bacterial analysis from environmental samples like soil and green sulfur bacteria sample. Organisms were classified in 11 morphotypes by using open source Image analysis software named CMEIAS and the standardized protocol was confirmed by viable count and pure culture study

References: . Alexander Gru¨ nberger, Wolfgang Wiechert and Dietrich Kohlheyer, Single-cell microfluidics: opportunity for bioprocess development , Current Opinion in Biotechnology 2014, 29:15–23.
2. J. Liu, F.B. Dazzo, O. Glagoleva, B. Yu, A.K. Jain, CMEIAS: A Computer-Aided System for the Image Analysis of Bacterial Morphotypes in Microbial Communities, Microb Ecol (2001) 41:173–194.
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