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A Rapid and Effective Tool for Monitoring Monoclonal Antibody Production
Poster Title: A Rapid and Effective Tool for Monitoring Monoclonal Antibody Production
Submitted on 13 Aug 2014
Author(s): B. Bhullar, Ph.D., Carlina Hui, B.Sc., M. Hariharan, M.Sc., J. Hewitt, B.Sc , and N. Vats, Ph.D.
Affiliations: MedMira Laboratories Inc
This poster was presented at AACC 2014
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Abstract: IVD manufacturers must establish QC systems to assure that the product received is suitable for use. As an alternative to laborious time consuming conventional methods such as ELISA or dot immunobinding, we examined the effectiveness and utility of rapid point-of-use immuoanalytical tools created with MedMira's MiriadTM RVF Toolkit to quickly assess the suitability of hybridoma bioreactor supernatants.Summary: Monoclonal antibodies (Mab) are used in a variety of fields from diagnostics to therapeutics. Manufacturers of in vitro diagnostics (IVD) commonly use third-party suppliers to meet their needs for specified monoclonal antibodies. Report abuse »
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