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A Triple Ionization Source for LC/MS
Poster Title: A Triple Ionization Source for LC/MS
Submitted on 19 Dec 2013
Author(s): Kaveh Jorabchi, Karl Hanold and Jack Syage
Affiliations: Syagen Technology
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Abstract: The dual probe configuration greatly improves on the multimode approaches currently in use for ESI/APCI and ESI/APPI dual sources where at high flow rates the ESI sprayer does not fully desolvate compromising the APCI and APPI performance. The dual probe approach; however, requires splitting the LC flow and maintaining a high precision ratio in order to achieve coincident elution from both sprayers. The triple source can operate in several operating modes including (i) simultaneous operation of all three or any two ionizers, (ii) fast switch between all three or any two ionizers, and (iii) a custom method in which the ionizer most suited to the eluting compound is turned on. It is believed that the latter mode is an extremely effective method for optimizing analysis of screens of many disparate or difficult-to-ionize compounds such as are encountered in food safety and environmental monitoring.
Summary: This poster reports the development of a triple ionization source consisting of ESI, APCI and APPI sources. The source uses two probes, one for ESI and a nebulizer/vaporizer for APCI and APPI.
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