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Accelerated Ageing in Depression: A Study of Two Cohorts
Poster Title: Accelerated Ageing in Depression: A Study of Two Cohorts
Submitted on 07 Jul 2019
Author(s): Mathew A. Harris, Laura de Nooij, Xueyi Shen, Toni-Kim Clarke, Riccardo Marioni, Simon R. Cox, Emma L. Hawkins, Mark J. Adams, Liana Romaniuk, Stephen M. Lawrie, James H. Cole, Andrew M. McIntosh and Heather C. Whalley
Affiliations: Division of Psychiatry / Department of Psychology, University of Edinburgh; Centre for Neuroimaging Science, King's College London
This poster was presented at OHBM 2019
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Poster Information
Abstract: Major depressive disorder (MDD) is a severe psychiatric disorder associated with shortened lifespan and comorbidities of advancing age. Accelerated biological ageing may underlie these associations. We used brainageR (a machine learning package) to predict age from brain structure, then used the discrepancy between brain-predicted age and chronological age as an indicator of accelerated brain ageing and poorer brain health. In two cohorts, UK Biobank and STRADL, MDD cases showed slightly higher brain age. Effects were stronger when focusing on MDD cases who were using psychotropic medications, suggesting that these medications contribute to brain ageing acceleration. Alternatively, subjects on medication may represent more severe cases of MDD.
Summary: Depressed individuals had slightly older-appearing brains than controls. Medication was associated with greater brain ageing acceleration.
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