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Accelerated Education
Poster Title: Accelerated Education
Submitted on 20 Jul 2022
Author(s): Liliana Hernández
Affiliations: CUHE
This poster was presented at CUHE
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Poster Information
Abstract: Latin American education, in an attempt to adapt to the economic demands of the globalized social system, proposes to accept the international standards of socio-emotional competencies in the regulated educational practice, which, due to the lack of a clear methodology and according to the national educational context, turns out to be messy, the CASEL standards adhere to education plans as one more requirement to be fulfilled within it, without prioritizing the development of said skills from an early age. This is implicitly reflected in the evaluation carried out, due to the subjectivity with which the instrument was answered. The Leiden scale does not allow an objective measurement but relativizes the calculation of the results; Therefore, it is suggested to use a Likert scale in future research.Summary: Based on a case study applied to teachers and students from various educational institutions, it was identified that intuitive cognition is the basis for the educational practices adopted in the Valley of Mexico region.
References: Aguilar, J. L. (2021). La evolución del paper a partir de la escritura académica en el periodo de 1995 al 2021: Estudio crítico acerca de la industria académica. Ciencia Y Filosofía ISSN: 2594-2204, 6(6), 35–47.
Torres, J. M. (2021). Ajuste lineal por mínimos cuadrados de funciones exponenciales en datos experimentales: Linealización de ecuaciones exponenciales . Ciencia Y Filosofía ISSN: 2594-2204, 6(6), 22–35.

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