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Accelerating high-throughput screening with FirePlex®-HT:An automatable, multiplex immunoassay using FirePlex® Particle Technology
Poster Title: Accelerating high-throughput screening with FirePlex®-HT:An automatable, multiplex immunoassay using FirePlex® Particle Technology
Submitted on 11 Apr 2019
Author(s): A. Perea, B. Heinrich, W. Austin, C. Rafferty, M. Camilleri, L. To, E. Atabakhsh, and D. Pregibon
Affiliations: Abcam Inc. One Kendall Square, Building 200, Cambridge, MA 02139.
This poster was presented at SLAS
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Abstract: In patients and animal models, molecular biomarkers are used as indicators of normal and pathogenic processes. In drug discovery and screening pipelines, molecular biomarkers are used to assess the mechanism of action, efficacy, and toxicity of lead compounds. To address the need for rapid and sensitive quantitation of protein biomarkers, we have developed the FirePlex® Technology Platform. Utilizing patented hydrogel particles and a three-region encoding design, FirePlex® Immunoassays allow for true, in-well multiplexing, providing flexible and customizable quantification of analytes.

FirePlex®-HT (high-throughput) immunoassays offer the high standards of performance and multiplexing you expect from our original FirePlex® immunoassays, now in a high-throughput, automation-friendly format with readout on high-content imagers. The plates can be read and re-read on multiple high-content imagers, allowing flexibility in your lab.

For high-throughput drug discovery and screening studies, FirePlex®-HT Immunoassays quantify up to 10 protein analytes per sample from only 6.25 μL biofluid input, in 384-well plate format. FirePlex®-HT assays provide 3-4 logs dynamic range, demonstrate 1-100 pg/ml sensitivity, and have been validated in serum, plasma, and cell culture supernatant. The two-step workflow, no-wash assay format, and readout on high-content imagers limit hands-on time and are amenable to automation, thus making FirePlex®-HT ideally suited for high-throughput screening studies.

Summary: FirePlex®-HT offers a rapid, multiplex solution for quantifying 10 protein analytes per well, in 384-well format. Alongside a 2-step, no-wash protocol, FirePlex-HT is ideally suited for drug discovery/screening studies.Report abuse »
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