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Acknowledging Climate Change
Poster Title: Acknowledging Climate Change
Submitted on 08 May 2020
Author(s): Skender Capani
Affiliations: New Jersey Institute of Technology
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Abstract: Physical indicators of Earth’s surface and atmosphere in the last decades show that climate change is a real phenomenon that is affecting Earth at all its corners. An abundance of scientific research proves the existence of climate change and its causes due to human footprints. Human industrialization, burning of fossil fuels, and deforestation have created a pool of harmful gases and pollutants on Earth. The increase in global temperature, elevated sea levels, and extinction of multiple species from aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems indicate the changes that are occurring throughout the planet. Although the evidence for the existence of climate change and the human impact on it is apparent, there is a conspiracy that intends to deny the actuality of the climate change phenomenon. This conspiracy is creating an ambiance of confusion among individuals of different economic, political, and cultural backgrounds. While some people recognize the scientific evidence for the existence of climate change and severities related to it, other people like business magnates of oil and coal companies intend to deny climate change and fabricate a myth that climate change is not occurring. This paper aims to explain the climate change conspiracy by defining the conspiracy and highlighting its causes. As it follows, the paper describes how misconceptions about climate change have challenged the scientific consensus. It is essential to mention in the paper the category of people who intends to manufacture the conspiracy and the reasons to fabricate it. The primary purpose of this paper is to help the general population understand climate change conspiracy and not fall victim to misinformation.Summary: Global society is witnessing the detrimental consequences of climate change: global warming, floods, mudslides, wildfires, droughts, storm damage, melting glaciers, and sea rise, and destruction of the economy. Yet some individuals call it a “hoax” for financial and political gain. Spreading misleading ideas causes skepticism among people. Humanity should not accept defeat but effectively share a message of hope and action.References: References
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