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Aerobic Cultivation
Poster Title: Aerobic Cultivation
Submitted on 29 Mar 2022
Author(s): Jon Matthews
Affiliations: Creative Biogene
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Abstract: Atmospheric condition is generally satisfactory for the culture of aerobes or facultative anaerobes but for the growth of many aerobes, it is necessary to provide extensive aeration. Forced aeration of cultures is therefore frequently desirable and can be achieved either by vigorously shaking the flask or tube on a shaker or by bubbling sterilized air into the medium. When aerobic organisms are to be grown in large quantities, it is advantageous to increase the exposure of the medium to the atmosphere. This can be accomplished by dispensing the medium in shallow layers or by providing aeration by constantly shaking the inoculated liquid cultures.Summary: Creative Biogene has established a mature technical platform to culture various microorganisms that can be isolated from readily available sources. References: abuse »
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