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Agrobacterium Competent Cells
Poster Title: Agrobacterium Competent Cells
Submitted on 30 Oct 2020
Author(s): Lifeasible
Affiliations: Lifeasible
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Abstract: Agrobacterium tumefaciens can transfer T-DNA (transfer DNA), which is part of its own Ti plasmid, into host plant cells and insert this DNA into the plant chromosomal DNA. Integrated genes derived from T-DNA are expressed and the transformed plant cells typically develop crown gall tumor cells. The binary vector method was invented for plant transformation by utilizing this gene-transfer mechanism. The pathogenic genes of A. tumefaciens T-DNA in the Ti plasmid are replaced with selective marker genes and the exogenous target gene. It helps the stable integration of the exogenous target gene into plant chromosomal DNA and gene expression.Summary: Compared to physical transformation methods such as particle bombardment or electroporation, Agrobacterium-mediated DNA delivery has a number of advantages, including low transgenic copy integration, high transformation efficiency, easy to operate, etc.. Agrobacterium-mediated binary vector method hasprovided plant scientists with a powerful genetical transformation tool for both basic research purposes and for agricultural development.References: abuse »
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