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AIDD Platform
Poster Title: AIDD Platform
Submitted on 24 Dec 2020
Author(s): MedAI
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Poster Information
Abstract: The automated machine-learning platform covers all the main stages of early drug discovery:

▪ AI candidate drug discovery.
The platform is able to design high-quality derivatives or analogues based on known active compounds, apply deep learning to generate models, match properties and conduct synthesis feasibility analysis, and quickly find high-quality lead compounds. We have made arrangements for the development of small molecule drugs and antibody drugs.

▪ AI molecular docking.
The platform has the state-of-the-art machine learning (ML) techniques in computational docking. Our molecular dynamics (MD)-based protocols are capable in estimating the free energy of binding between the ligand and target protein.
Summary: Artificial Intelligence Drug Discovery (AIDD) platform, aimed at accelerating the drug development process.References: abuse »
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