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Aligners- The Science of Clear Orthodontics
Poster Title: Aligners- The Science of Clear Orthodontics
Submitted on 11 Sep 2020
Author(s): Dr.Sunegha Kundal
Affiliations: Private Practitioner
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Poster Information
Abstract: Since their inception, clear aligners have undergone a multitude of advancements that aimed to make the orthodontic treatment less conspicuous. Used for moving teeth for alignment and creating healthy and beautiful smiles, like many other orthodontic appliances, clear aligners have proven to be a much more comfortable and aesthetic alternative. The treatment success relies on clinicians’ knowledge and experience with the aligners, proper case selection and the patients’ adherence to the treatment protocols. Being a removable appliance, patient compliance is the foremost criteria for success of treatment with aligners and patient motivation is indispensable to avail the planned treatment outcomes.
Summary: The area of exploration of this review is limited to providing an overview of the clear aligner treatment including benefits and limitations, principles and biomechanics of clear aligner treatment, materials used, methods of fabrication, and wear time.References: 1. https://support.ClearCorrect (ClearCorrect, Round Rock, TX, USA).com/hc/en-us/articles/115006636087-2-basic-principles-for-clear-aligner-treatment
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