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An Analysis on the Distribution of the Hubble Parameter across the Sky
Poster Title: An Analysis on the Distribution of the Hubble Parameter across the Sky
Submitted on 27 Sep 2019
Author(s): Stephanie Bie, Arnav Gulati, Jwalin Joshi, Richard Yu, & Xuyang Yu / Mentors: Yukei Murakami & Andrew Hoffman
Affiliations: ULAB, UC BERKELEY
This poster was presented at undergraduate research symposium
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Poster Information
Abstract: Our process entails collecting supernovae data from online databases
and finding their Hubble parameter values, plotting them, and cross-correlating with variations in the
Cosmic Microwave Background. Due to large errors in our dataset, finding such correlations is a difficult
and ultimately inconclusive task. As a result of which we also propose further use of technology and
telescopes (WFIRST) to provide more robust data for future projects and studies.
Summary: The purpose of this project is to investigate using Type Ia supernova data to analyze the anisotropy of
the expansion rate of the universe.
References: Guillochon, J., Parrent, J., Kelley, L. Z., & Margutti, R. (2017). An Open Catalog for Supernova Data. The Astrophysical Journal, 835(1).


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