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An approach to maximising Foundation doctors’ knowledge of radiation legislation and exposure using ‘On-call’ case based teaching.
Poster Title: An approach to maximising Foundation doctors’ knowledge of radiation legislation and exposure using ‘On-call’ case based teaching.
Submitted on 01 Nov 2018
Author(s): Robert Wise Sophie Kendall Motahare Yadegarfar Fraser Millard
Affiliations: South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust
This poster was presented at BIR Annual Congress 2018
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Poster Information
Abstract: Purpose: As required by IR(ME)R regulations 2017, referrers must supply the practitioner with sufficient medical data. They must also have sufficient knowledge of the relative risks and benefits of ionising radiation in order to allow the patient to make an informed choice. Teaching newly qualified foundation (F1) doctors allows an upstream intervention to meet the standard of 100% compliance to these regulations. However it can be seen as a ‘dry’ subject to teach, and the importance lost in translation when taught in a traditional plenary manner.

Aims: To audit the effectiveness of ‘On-call F1’ case-based teaching approach on doctor understanding and retention of the risks and benefits of ionising radiation, and doctor knowledge of IR(ME)R roles to meet compliance with this standard.

Methods: Our cohort was made up of F1 doctors shortly due to start work. Our intervention was a specially designed workshop using a series of case studies focussed on the ‘On-call’ aspects of F1. The case studies used real experiences of senior foundation doctors to emphasise personal relevance and therefore maintain attention and maximise retention. These studies covered the principles of radiation and risks, and the role of a referrer defined by IR(ME)R.

Results: Our audit found significant uptake of the learning objectives and positive feedback from our attendees on this case based approach.

Conclusion: We present the results of our audit, a summary of methodology found to be successful and feedback received. We believe this intervention could be used by other centres to achieve a similar aim.
Summary: Results of a method of achieving better compliance with IR(ME)R standard of Doctor's knowledgeReferences: The Ionising Radiation (Medical Exposure) (Amendment) Regulations 2011. (Accessed August 2018) (Accessed August 2018)
S Shiralkar, A Rennie, M Snow, R B Galland, M H Lewis, K Gower-Thomas, Doctors’ knowledge of radiation exposure: questionnaire study. BMJ 2003;327:371–2
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