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An audit into CT-guided lung biopsy: an evaluation of complication rates, sample pathology & adequacy
Poster Title: An audit into CT-guided lung biopsy: an evaluation of complication rates, sample pathology & adequacy
Submitted on 26 Sep 2019
Author(s): Ashwin Algudkar, Philippa Czapran, Charles Peebles
Affiliations: University Hospital Southampton
This poster was presented at BIR Annual Congress 2019
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Abstract: Purpose
To compare the complication and sample adequacy rates in CT guided lung biopsies performed at University Hospital Southampton (UHS) with British Thoracic Society (BTS) guidelines. This audit represents a second cycle and our data will be compared with the first cycle (collected in 2016) as well as an earlier conducted departmental audit completed in 2005.

All patients undergoing CT guided lung biopsy from January to September 2017 were identified on the local Computerised Radiology Information System (CRIS). Each patient was anonymised and the following parameters were recorded: pneumothorax on post-procedure radiograph (and whether this required intervention), haemoptysis requiring transfusion, patient death and sample histology.

62 patients underwent biopsy during the audited period (53 in 2016 and 160 in the 2005 audit). The pneumothorax rate was 11.3% (13.2% in 2016, 11.3% in 2005) (BTS standard of 20.5%). The rate of pneumothorax requiring intervention was 3.2% (1.9 % in 2016) (BTS standard of 3.1%). The rate of haemoptysis requiring transfusion was 0% (0% in 2016) (BTS standard of 5.3%). The sample adequacy rate was 100% (100% in 2016, 97.5% in 2005) (BTS standard of >90%). The death rate was 0% (unchanged from previous cycles) (BTS standard of 0.15%).

The complication rate at UHS is well below the BTS guidelines for most standards and has not changed significantly since the 2016 audit cycle. This data informs us that our consent process regarding complication rates is robust. In addition, our sample adequacy rate is above the BTS standard.
Summary: An audit into CT guided lung biopsy: an evaluation of complication rates, sample pathology and adequacy at University Hospital SouthamptonReferences: Manhire et al (2003). Guidelines for radiologically guided lung biopsy. Thorax 58 (11): 920-36.Report abuse »
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