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Analysis of Multiresidue Pesticides Present in Ayurvedic Churna by GC-MS/MS
Poster Title: Analysis of Multiresidue Pesticides Present in Ayurvedic Churna by GC-MS/MS
Submitted on 30 Jul 2014
Author(s): Manoj Surwade, Sunil T Kumar, Aarti Karkhanis, Manish Kumar, Soma Dasgupta, Hans-Joachim Huebschmann, Paul Silcock, Thermo Fisher Scientific
Affiliations: Thermo Fisher Scientific
This poster was presented at EPRW – 10th European Pesticide Residue Workshop
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Abstract: Ayurvedic churna samples were extracted by liquid-liquid extraction and cleanup with dispersive solid phase extraction. The analysis was performed by GC-MS/MS using a timed-SRM detection method on Thermo Scientific TSQ 8000™ triple quadrupole GC-MS/MS instrument, employing two SRM transitions for each pesticide compound in a typical MRM method setup. Data processing and reporting are performed by using the Thermo Scientific TraceFinder™ software with one SRM transition used for quantitation and the second one for ion ratio confirmation.Summary: Analysis of Herbal powders or ‘churnas’ using an optimized GC-MS/MS method is described. As they have high amount of matrix co-extractives, they pose critical analytical problems. The purpose of this work was overcome the effect of the matrix and develop a reliable method.References: 1.
4.Protocol for testing guideline for Ayurvedic, Siddha and Unani medicines Chapter 2.5.1
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