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Analytical and Chemical Knowledge Management Software for Drug Metabolism Science
Poster Title: Analytical and Chemical Knowledge Management Software for Drug Metabolism Science
Submitted on 20 Dec 2013
Author(s): Graham A. McGibbon, Karim Kassam, and Susan Ling
Affiliations: ACD Labs
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Abstract: For over 16 years, ACD/Labs has facilitated discovery by offering cutting edge scientific software for the management of chemical structures, reactions, analytical data, and prediction of properties. This poster describes a unique enterprise software platform that enables effective management and dissemination biotransformation pathways. This software accommodates discrete or indeterminate structures, associated analytical data, and supporting information. The information is highly searchable and can be integrated with existing informatics infrastructure. It can also be extended to incorporate the many property prediction modules offered by ACD/Labs to better anticipate and avoid unwanted liabilities.
Summary: Characterizing metabolite structures and metabolic pathways is essential to understanding the potential biological implications of compounds in drug discovery.
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