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Antibody Modification and Conjugation Technologies
Poster Title: Antibody Modification and Conjugation Technologies
Submitted on 05 Apr 2022
Author(s): BOC Sciences
Affiliations: BOC Sciences
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Abstract: The development of ADCs has been accelerated worldwide in recent years, and this novel biotechnological drug is a potent anticancer agent and also considered an essential disease treatment. The complex structure and a high degree of heterogeneity of ADC pose significant challenges for structural characterization. Among them, the determination of the drug-to-antibody ratio (DAR), drug conjugation site, and conjugation ratio are relatively complicated. BOC Sciences' ADC solution platform will help you solve these problems and challenges.Summary: BOC Sciences provides comprehensive strategies for antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) to our customers worldwide. We possess the most advanced equipment and unique R&D expertise to provide personalized antibody coupling services according to customers' specific needs promptly. Moreover, we monitor our products according to strict quality control standards during development and optimization processes to ensure our customers receive first-class services and products.References: abuse »
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