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Applications of (very) high resolution optical satellite data in coastal waters
Poster Title: Applications of (very) high resolution optical satellite data in coastal waters
Submitted on 26 Jun 2015
Author(s): Quinten Vanhellemont and Kevin Ruddick
Affiliations: Royal Belgian Institute for Natural Sciences
This poster was presented at International Ocean Colour Science Meeting
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Poster Information
Abstract: Compared to moderate resolution (>250 m) satellite sensors, high resolution satellite (<1-100 m) sensors can spatially resolve more coastal processes including sea surface effects (sun/sky glint, waves, foam) and impacts of human activities. Additionally, high resolution data can be used for characterizing validation sites for moderate resolution satellites that still have the big advantage of near-daily revisit times. The question to what extent the measurement platforms or ships themselves influence the signal measured by the satellite might be answerable with high resolution data.Summary: This poster presents novel applications for very high resolution satellite imagery in the coastal zone.References: Dogliotti A. et al. (2015). A single algorithm to retrieve turbidity from remotely-sensed data in all coastal and estuarine waters. Remote Sens. Environ. 156, 157–168.

Vanhellemont Q. & Ruddick K. (2014). Turbid wakes associated with offshore wind turbines observed with Landsat 8. Remote Sens. Environ. 145, 105–115.

Vanhellemont Q. & Ruddick K. (2015). Advantages of high quality SWIR bands for ocean colour processing: Examples from Landsat-8 Remote Sens. Environ. 161, 89–106.
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