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Artificial Intelligence: An Accomplishment of Modern Health Care System
Poster Title: Artificial Intelligence: An Accomplishment of Modern Health Care System
Submitted on 21 Jul 2020
Author(s): Ananya Choudhury
Affiliations: BCDA College Of Pharmacy And Technology,78 Jessore Road(South),Hridaypur ,Kolkata-700127,
This poster was presented at COLLOQUIUM-2020
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Poster Information
Abstract: The advancement of modern technology introduced Artificial intelligence in our healthcare and medicine development. Artificial intelligence (AI) is a computer system that mimics human intelligence and cognition to analyse complex data and conclude it. MYCIN was first launched for identification of causative micro-organism and predict effective antibiotics. It aims to acquire knowledge towards present and future of artificial intelligence in medical infliction. In development of new drug product against a specific disease via clinical trials data, may have manual errors and can takes years as well as billions of dollars. Atomwise , an AI enabled software system was used to screen existing medications to combat Ebola virus. Wearable health tracker like Fitbit, Apple,Garmin monitors heart activities. Robotic arms tasks the hand movement of surgeon and with a 3D view, ultra magnification execute complex urological, neurological surgery like The Da Vinci robotic surgical system by Intuitive surgical ,USA. Utilizing successive personal medical data and proficient medical knowledge, apps like Babylon gives users medical advice. CAD (computer-assisted diagnosis) used in screening of Radiography, CT-scan, ECG and other diagnostic reports accurately. Precision/personalised medicine is evolved in the treatment of chronic complex diseases like cancer, practices and products to individual patients based on genetic, environmental, lifestyle and other factors. Automation, machine learning and artificial intelligence are the next gradation of modern health system across the globe for numerous advantages like accurate therapy, proper monitoring, also time saving, but technology leads to job crisis as replacement of humans not desirableSummary: Advancement of computer technology introduced artificial intelligence in health science , that mimics human
intelligence to accomplish miscellaneous work.From Diagnostics tools to health tracker
android software , application of AI is wide-spread.Still replacement of human spirit by machine learning is not convenient in all circumstances.
References: Mintz Y, Brodie R. Introduction to artificial intelligence in
medicine. Minim Invasive Ther Allied Technol. 2019;28:73􀍴81
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intelligence in medicine. J Family Med Prim Care"[jour]. 2019
Jul; 8(7): 2328􀍴2331.
􀂇 Raju Vaishya, Mohd Javaid, Ibrahim Haleem Khan, Abid Haleem.
Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications for COVID-19 pandemic.
Diabetes&Metabolic Syndrome: Clinical
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