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Artificial Intelligence for clinical laboratories :"The SAIL"
Poster Title: Artificial Intelligence for clinical laboratories :"The SAIL"
Submitted on 02 Nov 2021
Author(s): dr Satish Ramanathan; Sridhar Paripooranam; Ananthan; Suresh; Thenarasan; Naveen; Ramanachandran; Chandrasekaran
Affiliations: Sukraa Software Solutions Pvt Ltd
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Poster Information
Abstract: Clinical laboratory is a colossal sailing vessel in the ocean of health care shouldering a stupendous responsibility to ship across huge time tides to deliver the patient results with an uncompromising precision and accuracy guiding the clinical decision making process.

With the cargo of patient results swelling in mammoth proportions over years in terms of quantities and complexities; the clinical laboratory handling this huge cargo has been continuously posed with a Tsunami of challenges including resources of man, machines, money and materials to sail across the rough sea. For this very purpose; Laboratory information management system (LIMS) had been roped in long since to play a pivotal role of a compass to guide the ship and its cargo to its destination. The clinical laboratories are held with a huge responsibility in keep maintaining a delicate balance between increasing customer Demands with its available Resources.

To serve this purpose of bridging the gap between Resource & Demand (R & D), it has become the “need of the hour” for LIMS to expand its wings of responsibility beyond acting as a mere communication channel to empower the laboratories with its AI (Artificial Intelligence) turbo engine to sail across with speed and accuracy!!!
Summary: Sukraa software solutions have come out a patient-centric initiative in form of an Artificial Intelligence product “SAIL”: Sukraa’s Artificial Intelligence for Laboratory.. SAIL is AI software designed as per HL7 standards & CLSI Auto (verification) guidelines to meet the requirements of ISO 15189 & CAP standards for clinical laboratories.
SAIL is a first of its kind AI exclusively designed for clinical laboratory with its unique features
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