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Assessment and Performing CT Imaging with NICE Head Injury Guidelines in the Emergency Department
Poster Title: Assessment and Performing CT Imaging with NICE Head Injury Guidelines in the Emergency Department
Submitted on 06 Sep 2018
Author(s): Prashanth Balaji, Sachan Maruthan
Affiliations: The Hillingdon Hospital
This poster was presented at BIR Annual Congress 2018
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Poster Information
Abstract: Background

Head Injury is defined as trauma of head apart face. About 1.4 million people present to ED every year. As a result, National Institute of Health & Clinical Excellence formulated clear guidelines (CG176) for accessing and performing CT Imaging. This study evaluates whether patients are accessed and performed CT Imaging according to NICE guidelines.


A retrospective study was carried out in the Emergency department with suspected head injury patients, in September 2017. Electronic clerking documentations and CT requests forms of 94patients (64 Adults and 27 children) were analysed to check, if they were accessed for indications and performed CT Imaging according to NICE Guidelines.


Among 94 patients, 23 had CT imaging of which 17(74%) met the NICE guidelines while the 6(26%) didn’t. Results of the scans that didn’t meet criteria were normal. In addition, documentation issues were identified while accessing risk factors in clerking and CT request forms. e.g. 16% and 26% of adults and children were documented for seizures respectively.


This retrospective study signifies the understanding of doctors in managing Head Injury with 74% scan compliant with NICE Guidelines. To achieve further Compliance and quality of documentations certain implementations have been brought in action

- Introduction of CT Assessment Proforma
- Presentation of findings in regional meeting
- Teaching for doctors and nurses
- Posters with key information from CG176

With these potential implementations and successive evaluation will seek to achieve 100% compliance and documentation ensuring appropriate imaging in a cost- and resource-effective manner while preventing unnecessary radiations.
Summary: This study is about the evaluation of performance in the emergency department in the management of Head Injury with the national recommend guidelines, References: NICE Head Injury guidelines Report abuse »
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