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automated, low-cost, miniaturized RNA-Seqand DNAseqlibrary preps
Poster Title: automated, low-cost, miniaturized RNA-Seqand DNAseqlibrary preps
Submitted on 10 Jan 2020
Author(s): SrimeenakshiSrinivasan2, PaymanehMalihi3, Peter De Hoff2, Tiffany Herrero2, To Cuong2, Joby Jenkins1, Louise Laurent2, James Hicks3, Peter Kuhn3
Affiliations: 1SPT Labtech Ltd, Melbourn, UK, 2University of California, San Diego, La Jolla, CA, USA, 3University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA, USA
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Abstract: For next-generation sequencing (NGS), the demand for high-throughput, low-cost, miniaturized sample preparation has increased both in academic and clinical settings.

Low-volume liquid handlers, such as mosquito®LVoffer low dead volumes and the ability to work reliably with small amounts of, difficult and viscous, solutions at sub-microliter volumes which result in significant cost savings.

Low-volume liquid handlers offer reduced costs, higher throughput, improved reproducibility and less hands-on time. These advantages can benefit the NGS sample prep workflow, including library construction, quantification and normalization and pooling.
Summary: mosquito liquid handlers (SPTLabtech, UK) have been essential in setting up reduced reaction volumes in genetic analysis applications.Report abuse »
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