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Automated Remote sensing GPS satellite system for managing resources and monitoring progress in construction projects
Poster Title: Automated Remote sensing GPS satellite system for managing resources and monitoring progress in construction projects
Submitted on 01 Jan 2022
Author(s): Khalid Abdel Naser Abdel Rahim
Affiliations: Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Science and Technology, University of Coimbra, Rua Luis Reis dos Santos 290, 3030-790 Coimbra, Portugal
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Poster Information
Abstract: Many construction projects faces serious difficulties in tracking the progress of the construction packages and activities. Inaccurate estimation of progressive data during the execution of the construction packages could lead to delays in the project, in addition to over budget and unnecessary costs. In order to avoid such undesirable risky consequences, this poster presents an innovative technique to control construction projects successfully and accurately. Therefore, the proposed solution focuses on eliminating the risky factors using an automated remote sensing GPS satellite system for managing the major resources of the project. In addition to tracking the progress and cost of the construction project. Summary: The process of monitoring mega construction projects can be very complicated, time consuming and costly. Thus, the need for a change in the old school monitoring techniques is crucial. In addition to the long process of calculations and percentage of error that could arise during manual or computational matrix equation are risky for management team.References: [1] Navon, R., (2005) Automated project performance control of construction projects, Automation in Construction 14, 467 – 476.
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