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Automation of metallographic sample etching process
Poster Title: Automation of metallographic sample etching process
Submitted on 24 Apr 2022
Author(s): Ondřej Ambrož, Jan Čermák, Patrik Jozefovič, Šárka Mikmeková
Affiliations: Institute of Scientific Instruments of the CAS
This poster was presented at Metallography & Fractography 2022
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Poster Information
Abstract: Chemical etching is an integral part of metallographic sample preparation. Maintaining precise etch times can be difficult and therefore repeatability is limited. The aim of this work is to improve the repeatability of sample preparation using robotization. Prior to etching, metallographic samples of S355J2 (1.0577) structural steel were finely mechanically polished. For verification, 15 specimens were prepared using an in-house designed automated etching machine with a built-in 5-axis robotic arm and 15 specimens prepared manually by an expert metallographer. The samples were etched with Kourbatoff no. 4 reagent for 8 seconds in a beaker placed in an ultrasonic cleaner at 80 kHz. The samples were then cleaned in 7 beakers of cleaning fluid also placed in the ultrasonic cleaner. The robotic etching and cleaning process was optimized and the quality of the resulting surface is at least as good as that of the samples prepared by an expert metallographer. The surfaces were compared using a light optical microscope (LOM) and a confocal laser scanning microscope (CLSM). The repeatability of the preparation process is a key aspect for obtaining a large dataset of steel microphotographs for training a deep neural network that will be used in future research.Summary: With the help of automation it is possible to prepare metallographic samples better than with an experienced metallographer.
References: [1] AMBROŽ, O., J. ČERMÁK and Š. MIKMEKOVÁ. Automatic chemical etching of metallographic samples. In: METAL 2021: Proceedings 30th International Conference on Metallurgy and Materials. Brno, 2021.Report abuse »
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