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Awareness of Employees and Non-Medical Students at Tanta University toward Oral Cancer
Poster Title: Awareness of Employees and Non-Medical Students at Tanta University toward Oral Cancer
Submitted on 22 Feb 2019
Author(s): Ahmed S. Rageh, Samar M. Amer, Mohamed A. Shaheen, Ranya W. Shehabeldeen, Esraa E. Elmalky, Asmaa M. Elsersy, Aya A. Dndn, Munir G. Abdel-Fattah, Madonna A. Morcos, Yomna S. Abd El-Aziz, Nora A. Shalaby, Houssam Hebeish, Iman S. Elshamy
Affiliations: Tanta University, Faculty of Dentistry
This poster was presented at Oral & maxillofacial pathology scientific day, Faculty of Dentistry, Cairo University
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Abstract: Worldwide, oral cancer burden is progressively rising, greatly influencing morbidity and mortality rates. The 5-year survival rates remain low typically due to delayed discovery until advanced stages. In addition, patient’s own perception of the disease in its early stages is usually subtle, since oral cancer frequently progresses without remarkable symptoms. Several studies highlighted the shortage of public awareness toward risk factors, signs and symptoms of oral cancer. There is a demanding need for assessing the level of oral cancer awareness among the public in order to create a positive attitude toward oral cancer early detection approaches. A cross-sectional questionnaire-based study was handed by third year dental students at Faculty of Dentistry, Tanta University to 110 randomly selected participants, 72 of them were employees at faculty of Dentistry, Tanta University and the remaining 38 were undergraduate non-medical students studying at faculties of Education, Engineering, Arts, Law, and Commerce, Tanta University. The present study was reviewed by the Tanta University, Faculty of Dentistry, Research Ethics Committee. Introductory section was added describing aim and benefit of the study in addition to voluntary participation in the research. All the participants didn’t receive any prior education about oral cancer. The majority underestimated the incidence and extent of oral cancer problem in Egypt. They passed over several oral cancer risk factors as well as clinical features including the most common site and different oral mucosal signs. The present study indicates the necessity for designing population-based awareness campaigns to raise the public knowledge about risk of oral cancer which would greatly impact the disease prognosis.Summary: The present study calls for the need to design population-based awareness campaigns to improve the community awareness about burden of oral cancer. Also, to motivate the public to seek regular screening examinations which would facilitate early detection that should greatly impact the disease outcomes.References: Report abuse »
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