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Benefits Brought to Pharmaceutical Industry by Artificial Intelligence
Poster Title: Benefits Brought to Pharmaceutical Industry by Artificial Intelligence
Submitted on 28 Aug 2020
Author(s): AI & Medicine
Affiliations: AI & Medicine
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Abstract: Drug research and development is a long and complicated process, which is full of unpredictable uncertainties. The role of AI is to eliminate as many uncertainties as possible and at the same time, help us optimize all aspects of it.Summary: Drug development is a costly, time-consuming process, which usually takes an average of 12 years for a new drug to be developed, from the initial R & D stage to finally entering the market. Although the FDA has provided an accelerated approval process, anticancer drugs still take 6-15 years from development to approval. AI will lead to a quicker, cheaper, and more effective drug discovery. The following are four major benefits brought by AI.References: abuse »
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