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biobanking reimagined arktic XC modular storage network
Poster Title: biobanking reimagined arktic XC modular storage network
Submitted on 10 Jan 2020
Author(s): Paul Lomax, Product Manager, SPT Labtech, UK
Affiliations: SPT Labtech Ltd, Melbourn Science Park, Melbourn, Rosyton, Hertfordshire, SG8 6HB, UK
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Poster Information
Abstract: • As biobanks strive to adopt best practice in sample curation, sample logistics remains a weak link in the chain.

• Process inconsistencies include: variable length of time between sample post processing to storage and variable freezing profiles of samples stored in racks depending
on where each tube is in the rack.

• Addressing such inconsistencies, then maintaining process consistency as biobank collections grow is challenging, however, automation provides a solution.

• Implementing automated storage, however, can be a slow and costly process. For some solutions, significant changes to infrastructure are required to provide long term (up to 10 yr ) capacity requirements upfront.

• The launch of SPT Labtech’s arktic XC represents a significant step in tackling the inconsistencies of sample logistics whilst providing a cost and time effective solution to the challenges of scalability.
Summary: SPT Labtech’s arktic XC system approach addresses these key factors providing:

Standard “off the shelf” storage systems

Rapid install in standard laboratory spaces

Options to connect laboratories directly with storage

Improved sample handling and reduced time to store enhancing sample integrity

Flexibility to manage budgets effectively by scaling capacity only when needed

Adaptable systems that fit into existing and future infrastructure.
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