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Biodegradation of Natural Rubber Derivative by Fungi.
Poster Title: Biodegradation of Natural Rubber Derivative by Fungi.
Submitted on 05 Dec 2022
Author(s): Osama alam
Affiliations: Osama Alam1,Sehroon Khan1 2,Adeel Khan1,Muhammad Junaid1,Azmatullah Khan1,Uzair1,Fizza Mehvish1,Sana Ikram1 ,Sobia Asmat1 ,Palwasha Jabeen1 1Department of Biotechnology, University of Science & Technology, Bannu, KPK Pakistan. 2Kunming Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
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Poster Information
Abstract: Natural rubber is produced from the latex of rubber plant.While, latex is milky fluid that is present in the vessel or cell of the rubber plants.It is mostly utilized in automobile industries.While, in India it is consumed up to 1.24 million metric tons, China 5665 million metric tons Japan 678 million metric tons.It is mostly used in adhesives,gloves,insulation and Tyre tubes.When it is utilized it is dumped off that causes pollution in air,soil and water.The fate of the rubber waste might be that it should be recycled,stockpiled,pyrolysed and biodegraded.The best among-est is biodegredation in which microbes are used as a biodegradable.In this case fungal biodegredationis the best one .Like Aspergillus niger it contains oxidases,pectinases and amylases that help in breaking of poly-isoprene into monomers. They follow LCP operon pathway. New species of Aspergillus have been discovered that are mostly involved in biodegredation that will easily degrade every type of rubber.In modern era there are various types of rubber that have been used which are chemically altered.So for future there should researched for best microorganism to degrade rubber.Summary: WE concluded that rubber is very important in every place according to their applications and it is uses at every place.when it is utilized it is discharge off to dumping sites.It causes a crucial increase in waste that causes different types of pollutions.By different ways we can remove the waste. But best amongest is biodegredation.So,we choose Biodegredation process.A fungi Aspergillus niger play a crucial role in rubber degradation and they proved the rubber degredation.References: 44. Montazer, Z.; Najafi, M.B.H.; Levin, D.B. Challenges with Verifying Microbial Degradation of Polyethylene. Polymers 2020, 12, 123
45. Taysum, D.H. In Microbiological Deterioration in the Tropics. In Monograh No. 23; Society of Chemical Industry: London, UK, 1966
46. Kasai, D. Poly(cis-1,4-isoprene)-cleavage enzymes from natural rubber-utilizing bacteria. Biosci. Biotechnol. Biochem. 2020, 84, 1089–1097
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