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Biological Instrument Platform
Poster Title: Biological Instrument Platform
Submitted on 26 Jan 2021
Author(s): Alfa Chemistry Testing Lab
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Abstract: StepOnePlusTM Real-Time PCR System
The real-time quantitative PCR is a molecular biological technique for amplifying and simultaneously detecting or quantifying targeted DNA molecules. The StepOnePlusTM Real-Time PCR System is an advanced software and instrument for a wide range of genome analysis, supporting a wide range of applications including SNP genotyping, gene expression analysis, protein expression, viral load analysis, and so on. The software supports standard curve method and the relative standard curve method for data analysis.

Summary: The development of modern biological detection technology based on the theories, methods and techniques of molecular biology enables people to understand the relationship between biological structure and function at different levels. For researchers, biological detection technology is also an indispensable application method in the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry. References: abuse »
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