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Biological Stains
Poster Title: Biological Stains
Submitted on 13 Sep 2022
Author(s): Tylor
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Abstract: The stains are also used to define biological tissues (highlighting, for example, muscle fibers or connective tissue), cell populations (classifying different blood cells), or organelles within individual cells. As different stains react to different parts of the cell or tissue, they are useful in the identification of specific areas within the biological material which require focus. Some of the most common biological stains include acridine orange, bismarck brown, coomassie blue, cresyl violet, haematoxylin, hoechst stains, propidium iodide, eosin Y, crystal violet, orange G and etc.Summary: Biological stains are dyes which are frequently used in biology and medicine to aid in detection of structures within tissues. References: abuse »
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