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Breeding Management System
Breeding Management System
Submitted on 07 Aug 2017

Shawn Yarnes, IBP team and collaborators
Integrated Breeding Platform
This poster was presented at National Association of Plant Breeders (NAPB) meeting - University of California, Davis
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Poster Abstract
Created by the not-for-profit Integrated Breeding Platform (IBP), the Breeding Management System (BMS) software is designed to support plant breeders manage a diversity of data: genealogy, inventory, nurseries, trials, genetic markers, and data analysis. The BMS is available in a single user desktop application as well as a high-performance multi-user server application suitable for institutional breeding programs. The BMS has an open source breeding API (BrAPI), developed in collaboration with other publically funded software initiatives, which allows plug-and-play interoperability with external applications.
Improved data management and analysis increases breeding efficiency, thus reducing the time and resources required to improve crops under local target conditions. Standardized data terminology through curated crop ontologies facilitates data exchange and comparison across teams, enabling meta-analyses. Large projects are using the BMS to standardize their trial designs, data collection, and analysis among participating breeders and technicians.
In the developing world, BMS implementation and maintenance are subsidized by government and donor funds. Many national programs, CGIAR centers, universities, and private companies in Africa and SE Asia are using the BMS to efficiently manage breeding activities and data. In the developed world, application and support packages are commercially available for private sector, government agencies, and educational use. The IBP has extensive experience providing professional support to plant breeders, and offers a customizable BMS service package that can include support for system administrators and users.

Leonelli S., Davey R. P., Arnaud E., Parry G. and Bastow R. (2017) Data management and best practice for plant science. Nature Plants: 3:17086. DOI 10.1038/nplants.2017.86

Varshney R, V.K. Singh, J. Hickey, X. Xun, D.F. Marshall, J. Wang, David Edwards and J.-M. Ribaut (2015) Analytical and decision support tools for genomics-assisted breeding. Trends in Plant Science:

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