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Can HIV/AIDS transmit by food?
Poster Title: Can HIV/AIDS transmit by food?
Submitted on 18 Oct 2019
Author(s): Shahad sarmad and muhand khalid under the supervision of Dr reem Abu Assi
Affiliations: HIV poster
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Abstract: AIDS can not live long outside the human body and if the human body contains a small amount of HIV virus, heat and stomach acids will destroy this virus According to the World Health Organization, the source of HIV virus is not food and our job as pharmacists in the community is to spread the right news between people and clarifying misconceptions about diseases and medicines. Summary: HIV can't transmit by foodReferences:
1) centre for food safety, the government of the Hong Kong special administrative region, accessed online
on 23 Nov. 2018 from
2) The Washington Post online access on 25 Nov. 2018 from
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