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Cancer Imaging and Patient Care during the COVID-19 Pandemic  - An Inevitable Struggle
Poster Title: Cancer Imaging and Patient Care during the COVID-19 Pandemic - An Inevitable Struggle
Submitted on 08 Feb 2021
Author(s): Dr. Rabail Raza, FCPS. Dr Kashif Siddique, FCPS, FRCR(UK), Dr. Imran Khalid Niazi, FCPS, FRCR (UK),
Affiliations: Department of Radiology Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre
This poster was presented at 23rd National Health Sciences Research Symposium. AKUH
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Poster Information
Abstract: The COVID-19 outbreak challenges the medical community, including creating an unprecedented competition for health-care resources. Patients with cancer have
been negatively impacted during this pandemic, as many of these individuals may be immunosuppressed and of older age, making them vulnerable for potential
fatal disease. We present details and different perspectives on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on patients with cancer and on cancer imaging.
Summary: We are living through an unprecedented biopsychosocial crisis; physicians must be the voice of reason and lead by example. We must reason critically and reflect on the biases that may influence our thinking processes, critically appraise evidence in deciding how to treat patients. New research and evolving literature on radiographic manifestations of COVID-19 will continue to shed light on strategies for surviving and overcoming the current pandemic.
References: Katal S, Aghaghazvini L, Gholamrezanezhad A. Chest-CT findings of COVID-19 in patients with pre-existing malignancies; a pictorial review. Clinical imaging. 2020 Jun 9.
ai M, Liu D, Liu M, Zhou F, Li G, Chen Z, Zhang Z, You H, Wu M, Zheng Q, Xiong Y. Patients with cancer appear more vulnerable to SARS-CoV-2: a multicenter study during the COVID-19 outbreak. Cancer discovery. 2020 Jun 1;10(6):783-91.
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