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Case-based   Learning  In  Neurophysiology  For  Preclinical student
Poster Title: Case-based Learning In Neurophysiology For Preclinical student
Submitted on 10 Jun 2020
Affiliations: Associate professor,SAVEETHA MEDICAL COLLEGE,CHENNAI,INDIA
This poster was presented at NIL
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Poster Information
Abstract: Sixty preclinical medical students were chosen for this study.They were divided into two groups-, Group A & Group B ,each with 30 students..A topic in neurophysiology –cortico-spinal tract physiology -given to all students to study at home.A pre-test questionnaire was given to all the students . Group A students were then given the applied aspect of the chosen topic by conventional teaching method and then they were assessed by a post-test questionnaire.For teaching the applied aspect of the chosen topic Group B students were shown images of real clinical neuro- case for analysis of the patho-physiology involved in the topic given and then they were assessed by a post-test questionnaire Summary: Case-based teaching is a relatively new method of teaching basic sciences in medical colleges.. The aim of our study is to compare the effectiveness of conventional didactic lecture and case-based teaching method for teaching neuro-physiology for preclinical medical students ( MBBS ) in our college.
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