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CCS-centric protein identification using IM Score
Poster Title: CCS-centric protein identification using IM Score
Submitted on 02 Sep 2021
Author(s): Robin Park1, Patrick Garrett3, Sven Brehmer2, Titus Jung3, Vijayaraja Gnanasambandan1, Marc-Antoine Beauvais1, Sebastian Wehner2, Lennard Pfennig2, Hyunsoo Kim3, Christopher Adams1, Dennis Trede2, John R. Yates, III3, Rohan Thakur1 1Bruker Daltonics Inc., USA 2Bruker Daltonik GmbH, Bremen, Germany 3Scripps Research, San Diego, USA
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Abstract: Search score like XCorr is an important metric to classify targe and decoy PSMs. Overall, we can see similar pattern with IMScore displaying good separation in high score region. We expect adding IMScore to the FDR calculation algorithm as an additional parameter can imporve the search results. The IMScore also can be used to clarify when PTM peptides have ambiguous localization scores (modificaiton site is unclear).Summary: The database search algorithms to identify proteins have advanced since SEQUEST was first introduced in 1994. The search engines calculate scores by comparing experimental spectra from MS/MS data against in-silico spectra derived from protein databases. Even though a lot of efforts have been invested in improving protein identification, still a large number of spectra cannot be identified. One of the obstacles is spectrum ambiguity. References: Report abuse »
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